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Transmedia animated series

About us

Papertoonies is the animated paper-fold series, in which their characters face situations that are solved with creativity, and elements that they create from their adventures.

Animación Digital
Animación Digital


Papertoonies is a magical neighborhood that brings together characters and situations that give us adventures with creativity, knowledge and fun. Each episode takes us to a world where we design and create ideas and elements to solve daily challenges.

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A range of characters delight young and old, who will take us to a world of imagination, ideas, action and entertainment. Pamela and Alex are two brothers who, with different personalities, live with their parents Martín and Susan. They share their adventures with their friends Eva, Gabriel, Simón. Together with them the good-natured and energetic grandfather Abel.


It is a transmedia series, because it not only takes place on the screens, but also motivates the use of other media, such as the application to create stories, elements in paperfold techniques that can be downloaded from our website, and coloring illustrations to younger friends.

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Papertoonies app allows its users to build stories with characters, scenarios and creative elements.

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Characters and elements can be armed at home, school or recreation space.

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To colour

The little ones can download from our website, both the characters and the elements they use to solve each chapter, and color them.


The use of social networks and applications allows our viewers to develop their own stories and become active viewers, involving their friends and families. Through downloads from the website, the use of the application, together with real-time interactions on and social networks, allows you to create an interactive world, in which children are not passive spectators, but have the possibility to develop their own stories, and involve their friends and families.




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